ACIM Lesson 257 notes.

Let me remember what my purpose is.


“Father, forgiveness is Your chosen means for our salvation.”

Is forgiveness my purpose or just the means to salvation? Is Salvation the actual purpose for everyone?

In class on Sunday, we learned of ‘the Three Faces of God’. As in literature, this idea says that we have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd person relationships with God. I am thinking of the 1st person face called ‘the Inner Face of God’. I see this as a path to ‘wake up’ the ‘I Amness’ to be in the eternal NOW. This is salvation, isn’t it?

(I took time to reflect on whether this is the only way. I now can see how practices with focus on 2nd and 3rd Faces of God can also lead to Oneness, aka salvation.)

I tend to think that forgiveness is my purpose – the idea that this is my work in this life. But I see now that it is actually salvation. I am meant to return to my Father/Mother (2nd), my True Self (1st), as well as oneness with All That Is (3rd).

Another way to consider this …

The prodigal son makes a change to see his plight differently, going home as the means to help himself (aka forgiveness). He returns to his father with humility (surrender), only to receive the Love that was always present and non-changing (salvation).


I am conflicted: yes, I know my purpose OR no I don’t know my purpose. I read so much about finding your purpose that I come to believe I don’t know it.

Default purpose (that hangs in my office): to give and to grow.

My personal purpose – lightworker is what I’ve said of myself from spiritual travels.

I am a Holy Child of God, what purpose comes with this?

To shine my light! This I see as the role of a lightworker.

I know that I don’t do it – fear of being judged.

Just shine Tricia, just shine! 😊

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