ACIM Lesson 250 notes.

Let me not see myself as limited.


Who is him in this lesson? Is it my humanness? Is it my brother/sister?

“He is what I am, and as I see him so I see myself.”

It is both, therefore how I see others is how I see myself.

Listening to a CAC podcast yesterday, Fr. Richard spoke of those with mature consciousness – that they see others subjectively. This was insightful for me as I could look at my years of public service, I saw others objectively.

The podcast was about St. Francis who is said to have interacted with animals, and things as people. Richard said, ‘he gave voice to them’, and that this was acknowledging their sacredness, as everything is ‘the body of Christ’.

Christ, another name for everything.

Everything is God made manifest, therefore unlimited. And, therefore, so am I.


Today is a new day. I ask to release all the false judgements of my loved one. Let me behold … Holy children of God we are. Let me not see myself or others as limited. To see myself, I strive to see others truthfully.

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