ACIM Lesson 248 notes.

Whatever suffers is not part of me.


This lesson title confused me. Do I deny parts of me? Don’t they all serve me, such as the body telling me of problems?

I thought of how Jesus might have related to his body and understood that he would know this true Self. He spoke of seeing this in others, therefore he’d have been able to bring wholeness to the body from the true Self template (ie. astral body, energy body).

The next thought I had was, ‘we are the tail wagging the dog’.

I am proud that in my life I have learned to listen to my body, to give it what it needs for health and healing. This is what I thought the Course meant by the body being a communication device. I’m mistake … more to learn. Perhaps we are meant to receive direction from our true Self (rather than our minds or our bodies). This would then be the love that we express (give) to others. And receive love back.

Yesterday, I watched a video of a woman who I consider very wise. In the video she said that she was proud to realize herself as empty. I immediately desired to be this way. Now, after this reflection, I realize that to say ‘I am empty’ is to still identify with the body and/or individual self. I don’t think the true Self would be empty as we empty the small self to bring the true Self into our awareness.

(Or, perhaps, the true Self is an empty vessel until it is informed of God’s will for our next experience.)


(The prayer is beautiful and perfect at this moment.)

For the last couple of days I’ve been down. I think an old block in my soul was triggered. I mean really old past life stuff. I sense it was regarding the treatment of women in the past as some changes in gender awareness and sexuality have upset me.

“Whatever suffers is not part of me.”

This lesson inspired me to go into meditation to release it.

“Father, my ancient love for you returns.” What was unreal has been released.

My mind goes to Richard Rohr’s reflection this morning: ‘everything belongs – good, bad, ugly.’

I need to piece this together …

I had a block in my soul. My soul is real as it is eternal. I created the block from something in the past, therefore allowing something unreal and false to be carried in my energy. The unreal thing came from this physical place of illusion where all things are allowed to play out – the good, bad, and ugly. They belong here and are for the benefit of the evolution of All.

“Father, I am as you created me.”

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