ACIM Lesson 244 notes.

I am in danger nowhere in the world.


I read again the section on Gentleness in Chapter 4 of the Manual for Teachers. This says that it is in gentleness that our strength lies. That this is sanity over choosing to harm another. Do we see this in the world?

The lesson itself also had me questioning. Are we not constantly reminded of people who are suffering in this world?

I question the truth of this lesson.

Hollie’s notes have helped me – ‘inside-outside safety’ she calls it. She reminds us of the effect of remembering our connection to Source, the Love of God, when troubling times come. I can see how this brings inner peace as well as strength in our choosing Love over attack.  


On January 9th I noted in my blog my theme word for the year. My guides told me it was ‘help’.

This lesson explains fully what I believe my guides intend for 2022. That is for me to learn to ask for help, and not just when things get critical as I’ve done in the past. I am to release my grip on controlling everything around me.

God and I want the same thing, for me to live in presence and surrender, to flow in God’s way.

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