ACIM Lesson 243 notes.

Today I will judge nothing that occurs.


“Father, today I leave creation free to be itself. I honor all its parts, in which I am included.”

I am open to recognizing that I know very little.


(Not even Earl playing with my notebook strings …)

I don’t want to judge anymore. My note about Earl gave me some insight. At first, I wanted to use more negative wording about his actions, for dramatic effect.

Is judgement all about drama?

The Game.”     “The illusion.”     “Actors in a play.”     ???

We say we judge others as separate, different, bad, out of fear. Are we not creating the fear?

If we saw All as one family, where would be the drama? What others would we fear?

EGO, what are you doing?

I felt some empathy for you when I was told that your purpose was to secure and protect. But if you just create trouble where there is none, for dramatic effect, that makes me feel frustrated. Why am I carrying you around then just to make my life for difficult? (I hear laughing.)


[Now this is judgement, why are you after me?]

Is my EGO a jokester? Or is it with me just to perpetuate this dualistic realm?

[Got it!]

Dear God, let this new awareness growing in my consciousness be a tool to release judgement of the dear ones I share this realm with.


[] Words I heard back from the questions to my EGO.

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