ACIM Lesson 241 notes.

This holy instant is salvation come.


In the CAC Daily Meditation today, Fr. Richard offered:

“God is invariably and ironically found in the interruptions, the discontinuities, the exceptions, the surprises – and seldom in the patterns. God has to catch us literally ‘off guard’!”

It is difficult for me, today, to join the celebration of this lesson. My mother is sick again. Father Richard’s words remind me of the holy instants of my life that came in the fearful and stressful times. For me, these have always been when a family member has been ill or in trouble. These times are when my most memorable holy instants have occurred.

I forgive it all: what was past, what may occur, what is here now in this holy instant.

Presence of Love be with me always. _/\_


All is forgiven, including me.

Yesterday, in Richard Rohr’s Daily Meditation, he spoke of Jesus’ parable of the wheat and the weeds. Jesus said to let each grow to be separated at harvest. Richard explained that this told of the good and bad in each of us. If we can see the weeds within ourselves we can have empathy for others. I see this as a Holy Instant, when all is forgiven.

We are all the same; made from the same stuff, dealing with the same challenges.

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