ACIM Lesson 235 notes.

God in his mercy wills that I be saved.


“God wills that I be saved from this.”

“By our thoughts we have prepared for ourselves the happiness or unhappiness we experience.” ~Hazrat Inayat Khan, Bowl of Saki, 8-23-2023

God’s will for me is happiness. God holds my “sinlessness forever perfect, to be sure that I am saved and safe forever in His arms.”

The prodigal son left home and made choices that made it seem his life was about suffering. When he returned to his father, his innocent self was all his father saw.

My Father always holds my True Self with Him.


Love surrounds me.

I have been choosing to be angry with P. the last couple of days. One day last week, my mind said to raise my voice. He asked why I was upset. I laughed at my false behavior and said it wasn’t him. Inside, I found humor in just wanting to yell for no reason.

Again yesterday, I was upset by something and am now trying to understand what is in me that was triggered. Mindful good, but triggered … why?

How does this relate?

“God wills that I be saved from this.”

My awareness and wanting to change is God in me, nudging me toward my true Self … happiness.

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