ACIM Lesson 232 notes.

Be in my mind, my Father, through the day.


It took me a while to settle this morning. Perhaps it was waking from dreams that seemed a bit dark for me. Perhaps it was Earl wanting to cuddle at 8:30 am, then enticing me out to the garden. I’m here now.

Reading the lesson, I did not make it through the ‘maya’, so I made use of Hollie’s recording so I could close my eyes and listen to the lesson. Before it began, I sent a prayer of thanks to all the people in the ACIM lineage who made it possible for me to be present with this lesson today.

I’m very blessed.

This feeling of You, within me, Lord, I ask to carry through my day. _/\_


Today, and every minute of every day, be in my mind.

I woke this morning with ‘thank you’ my focus. Was this you?

The smile that has formed on my face tells me so.

I sat in contemplation on ‘thank you’ and shared it with parts of my body. My physicality thanks you in return.

I am Love, light, Holy Child of God.

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