ACIM Lesson 229 notes.

Love, which created me, is what I am.


I am Love. It is what I am. When I align and sit in the presence of Love, I am within myself.

What about when I give love to others? It is the melting of our belief in separation fading away so that the truth of Love flowing is felt. I have the thought that the physical world is here for soul to experience the slowing down (or restriction) of emotions/energy.

I feel a chewing sensation.

This world allows for the tasting and chewing of emotions to really get to know them instead of them flowing quickly past.

I am Love, living in a sea of Love.

And truly blessed to be given the means to experience Love, in all its many frequencies.


I seek my own identity, and find it in these words, ‘Love, which created me, is what I am“.

I declare ‘I am’ many times a day but, I realized, I do not relate them to my identity – seems odd. It is me hoping I am Love, light, holy …

Identity feels like knowing. Do I know I am Love, light, holy? No, just hopeful.

How do I come to know I am Love? Do I know what Love is?

I try to understand what I may not be meant to understand.

Richard Rohr today says (in his daily contemplation email) “the ego insists on understanding. That’s why Jesus praises a certain quality even more than Love, and he calls it faith.”

Tricia, have faith that you are Love. I am Love.

Hope, believe, know.

What is the difference between belief and faith?

To believe in something – it is a working theory you move forward with it but can shift if other proof is revealed.

Faith – moving forward no matter what, stepping out on the ledge (like in 3rd Indiana Jones movie) or out on a limb (like Shirly McClaine).

I nearly confused these!

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