ACIM Lesson 226 notes.

My home awaits me. I will hasten there.


“If I so choose, I can depart this world entirely. It is not death which makes this possible, but it is change of mind about the purpose of the world.”

It is my judgement of everything that makes this world hurtful. Wildfires in Maui this week killed at least 93 people. My mind made its excuses of why and how to fix. There are no solutions. I have told my mind to accept ‘I don’t know’.

In CAC Daily Meditation today was a story from Exodus of Miriam wailing in grief for the Egyptian soldiers lost to the Red Sea after the Israelites had crossed. How do I find this compassion in a loving but not fixing way?

I don’t know.

Things can hurt. Is it OK to then just let them pass without having to fix, make safe, or have a future plan to avoid? Which is the most loving way?

Heaven on Earth, I am to choose. How?

How does nature do it? Disasters happen in one place outside of that the systems of nature go on. Plants and animals evolve adaptations for their survival which tells me the problem is worked through at a higher level of spirit, or the collective consciousness of the species. Our individual minds are not going to do it but should be involved in the desire for change.

I smile as I recognize the grieving of Miriam as serving the purpose of placing in the human field the desire for no more useless killing.

Heaven on Earth, no more waiting!


“Change my mind about the purpose of the world.”

What is the purpose of this world? Was I not loved and loving before I came here? This is what I meditated on.

It was a short meditation as the answer came fast in the vision of a seed and blossom. The seed is Love and contains all Love, but it is not the blossom, or the fruit.

We come in as seeds of potential, full of God’s Love, of what we can bear for the world. Our striving forward in life brings our blossom, the outward signs of inner Love – followed by the fruit.

The fruit: the Love to share with others!

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