ACIM Lesson 221 notes.

Peace to my mind. Let all my thoughts be still.


“God is here, because we wait together.”

“We look ahead, and fix our eyes upon the journey’s end … through Christ’s vision we behold a world beyond the one we made, and take that world to be the full replacement of our own.” ~ Part II Introduction.

[Good news! We are here together, joined. Forever happy in the Love that is always present.]

My heart is full.

I am reminded that last evening I learned a new way to look at meditation … as sitting in Love. Being in the presence of Love is meditation. I can bring this to all parts of my day. I feel gratitude for the people who share their experiences with me which helps in my growth.

[ ] denotes message from HS.


What is forgiveness?

Lots to read through this morning with the Part II introduction. I’m excited to go forward!

“He has promised He will take the final step Himself.”

(Quote from Part II introduction.)

I am happy to be in silence. I felt presence, joy, love.

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