ACIM Lesson 218 notes.

Review of lesson 198.


I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created me.

198] Only my condemnation injures me.

It is only the thoughts of my mind, about what my senses perceive, that keep me away from my True Self, the Presence of Love within.


198] Only my condemnation injures me.

“Only my forgiveness sets me free.” ~Lesson 198

I re-read lesson 198 as I was traveling on the day of this lesson and could not give it my full attention. I found so much of it moving, with new information.

Forgiveness is an illusion. I can feel that – a tool I need to shift my perception to seeing past the illusion, to God’s view. If I did not live in illusion, I would not require this tool. The lesson says it is the one illusion that does not lead to thousands more.

I saw a feather on my walk and took note of it being a messenger. I asked for the message and heard ‘love’ and then ‘everyone’. I felt uplifted by the message as a sign of moving into Christ but then realized I had to actually do it!

To test myself, I went to the extreme and thought about politicians. There are definitely blocks there! I’ve things I have heard, from extreme views, that bring me to judgement and condemnation.

Unable to resolve softening of my feelings, I declared, ‘I don’t know!’ What do I actually know of these people?

I thought, what does a cell in my big toenail know about a brain neuron of mine? Nothing.

But still, they are together. A part of me from the same Source, same DNA, same Earth materials, same consciousness field!

We are one!

I don’t know my brother, but I should love my brother. We are part of the same system, held in one field that needs to stop injuring itself.

Happiness comes when we all support the system and one another.

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