ACIM Lesson 217 notes.

Review of lesson 197.


I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created me.

197] It can be but my gratitude I earn.

“Who should give thanks for my salvation but myself?”

The Faith Hill song is playing in my mind again this morning. Before I read the lesson, I wondered if the words of the song were words of Love from HS. (maybe related to the good week I’ve had as I allow my future to be revealed).

This lesson is validation. I welcome it in. I open to receive the Love and gratitude given.

Please help me to step up my awareness to know it is All me. _/\_


197] It can be but my gratitude I earn.

I am part of the whole. I am in the loop of giving and receiving the gifts from Source. The flow of the gifts provides a field of gratitude.

Do I have it?  

😊 Yes!

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