ACIM Lesson 211 notes.

Review of lesson 191.


I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created me.

191] I am the holy Son of God Himself.

Within God’s glory I find my true Self, as God created me.


191] I am the holy son of God Himself.

I’m still glowing over the joy-ball that is within me (realized at Thursday’s webinar). It has been expanding and flowing with my writing work this week. I tried to share it yesterday when at the hospital for my test. I did OK. I’m just glad I kept it in my mind.

Waiting in the queue to enter the hospital, one woman was very chatty to the covid screener woman. I thought, “she has a big joy-ball today!”

My joy-ball – God within me.

Proof that I am the Holy child of God, always connected, a part of the Whole.

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