ACIM Lesson 197 notes.

It can be but my gratitude I earn.


“It is in giving that we receive.” ~ Saint Francis

“Your gratitude is all your gifts require.”

I find I need to pull this lesson apart to simplify and understand. In our offerings, gifts, to others we should feel gratitude to give whether our offering is acknowledged, accepted, or appreciated. Our intension to give of ourselves puts Love into flow, and whether the Love is blocked by an individual matters not as it is still flowing in the system.

We assist God in action. Love moves, and we feel part of the flow when we give and do not block.


… trying to understand this.

The first paragraph explains that we are looking for reward or praise for our gifts and then attack if not received – we expect God to act the same. If we are One, my gifts are given to All.

If a leaf of a tree absorbs moisture from the rain, the stem, the branch, trunk, roots all receive. Should the leaf be upset if the stem doesn’t give thanks or complains wanting more? All are in receipt. (And what the leaf gave came from a greater Source!)

Hollie used the term ‘loop’ in a gratitude process – the leaf and stem are just part of a loop.

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