ACIM Lesson 194 notes.

I place the future in the hands of God.


“As it becomes … a habit in your problem solving repertoire.”

As I read the lesson, I judged myself as in need of handing my life’s troubles over to God. As I reflected further, I thought of my kids. This week I have asked God for things for them and labeled my prayers as significant by telling God that they are ‘mother’s prayers’. (Throughout my life I’ve heard inspirational stories mothers tell of their strong prayers that they believe got their children through troubling times. I’ve had a few experiences of this myself!)

Anyway … back to the lesson, I realized during my reflection that I have come to apply this lesson regularly. These days I turn so much over to God. In my ‘mother’s prayer’ I try not to be specific but only ask for my kids lives to be better.

Except for one specific thing I just requested … that they come to know God, that they are not alone, that they are Loved, and are Love, eternally.



I bless this day.

Into your hands … my writing, use of my time, my kids, my relationships.

Hollie’s notes: There is a guiding force of Love that is here to take this from your hands. You can loosen your grip and hand it over to God’s hands.

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