ACIM Lesson 193 notes.

All things are lessons God would have me learn.


“Forgive, and you will see this differently.”

Back in 2013, when I read ACIM as just another spiritual book, my take away lesson (from 1200+ pages) was to ask ‘how can I see this differently’. It was a tool I called on in troubling times, it was in accord with learning to be mindful, and opened me to more compassion which I liked. It is surprising to me now that I didn’t get that this was forgiveness, and therefore Love.

When I asked myself to see a situation differently, was I opening to Love … stepping into a field of grace?

Yes, I was asking for help and answers from a greater mind, HS, who is Love flowing.

How can I see this differently?

So blessed … thank you Great Love for taking care of this little girl who is so fortunate to always stumble into your loving presence.



Forgive, and I will see this differently.

Forgive, and I will see this differently.

Forgive, and I will see this differently.

I will forgive, and this will disappear.

These are the words Holy Spirit speaks to me in all my tribulations.

In this lesson we are told what God wills for us and doesn’t think about – doesn’t get into the details of our lives.

Hollie’s notes get into this more so I could not help to think of the ‘prodigal son’ parable.

Christ Jesus gave us the means to understand and not blame God for every occurrence in this life. The son left home and had experiences based on the choices he made. He interacted with other people making free will choices and living a human life in form.

What was the father doing?

He was home praying for the growth and well-being of his son.

The son returned into a place of Love when he entered his father’s home.

Hollie reminded that we have one thing up on the son, we have the Holy Spirit with us at all times … if we choose to call on HS.

(The prodigal son probably did as well.)

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