ACIM Lesson 191 notes.

I am the holy son of God Himself.


“I cannot suffer, cannot be in pain; I cannot suffer loss, nor fail to do all that salvation asks.”

Yesterday I did a good deal of clearing of blocks around my heart to feel the joy in me. It is not that I must seek joy or earn joy, only that it is here, in the field of God’s grace that I exist within, waiting for me to release the blocks to the flow of God’s Love. Then joy can be expressed through me.

All blocks will be no more when I truly know that I am the holy Son of God. Salvation comes to us all (of this world) when we release our blocks to God’s Love.


As I read this lesson that tells how to “release from bondage of the world”, to change our minds and perspective, I thought of the movie ‘Astral City’. The main character dies and goes to a hell/purgatory place. It’s a dark dirty place but occasionally a light is sparked in someone, and angels come to take them. The main character gets to a point of frustration (or sorrow) so he is ready to surrender. He asks God for help. The angels come for him, and he is brought to the Astral City of light and re-united with his family.

I smiled as I thought of this movie as this lesson is saying the same about us and our world. That we create our experiences in this world with our thoughts. ‘As above so below.’

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