ACIM Lesson 189 notes.

I feel the Love of God within me now.


“Through every opened door His Love shines outward from its home within and lightens up the world of innocence.”

I feel the Love of God within. After a body scan, we, all the cells of my body, feel the Love of God within.

Peace is here. Joy is here (nearly).

Yesterday, I re-read the Course Introduction. I was reminded that it says of the meaning of Love, “that it is beyond what can be taught”. This made me think of all the words I use to define Love and to correct myself. I realized that these are gifts of Love: light, peace, joy, strength, truth. These are gifts to us from Love.

For example, one would not say that the ocean is salt, or wet, intending to define the entirety of the ocean in this way. Earlier this week, when I was in a state of peace, I had received the gift of Love.

I am open to receive.

“I feel the Love of God within me now.”

When I receive, I can give to others and be in the flow of God’s Love.


I felt it – I feel it!

I followed paragraph 9 and said ‘come’. I saw my heart light expand and felt the wave thru all my cells.

I am the Love. I am the Light. And yet, I am … still.

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