ACIM Lesson 184 notes.

The name of God is my inheritance.


This lesson is about Oneness, that all our names for things separate what is just One beyond our perception. I have been inspired by Hollie’s notes to have a go at a poem.

View of the Garden.

Red, yellow, pink, blue.

Leafy, lush, leggy.

Wonderful scent; beautiful color.

All so very different that I have called them so.

Red, yellow, pink, and blue, its my eye that see.

One light. One earth. One refreshing Source.

Beauty is there looking at the border.

As I walk there is beauty in the plant.

Raising my eyes, I see beauty in the landscape, and in the sky.

Did the Designer plan that I would witness it on all its levels?


All for my enjoyment.

However I wish to perceive it.


I wish to understand this, to know Unity and to see what is truly real. God’s world not man’s world.

Can a cell in the body, which sees just the individuals around it, come to see/know the body as one?

Is this what I am asking to understand and see?

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