ACIM Lesson 183 notes.

I call upon God’s name and on my own.


“In this eternal, still relationship, in which communication far transcends all words … is peace eternal.”

What are my names for God?

I settled on ‘Dear Lord’ and Great Love’. Unsure if the lesson wanted more of me, I read Hollie’s notes to see if she offered advice about a name. She left if open to us and instead offered a metaphor: floating in a boat. She said to ask ourselves what our anchor is tied to and then move the anchor to the name of God.

I saw myself lying in a small row boat. My inner thoughts said, ‘no anchor’. I re-read Hollie’s suggestion but felt strongly to have no anchor and to float freely. I realized that my version of the metaphor gave the ‘God’ role to the lake the boat was on (representing everything). I was meant to just float. I am called to release all anchors.

Dear Lord, do I line back and be taken? Do I sit up and observe? Do I ask to be taken where I desire? (I feel a little stir of possibility.)

I wish to remain in awareness of Great Love surrounding me and carrying me.


What is God’s name?

Yahweh pops up but this has too many negative ‘alien’ connections these days. Is ‘God’ as a name enough?

In the book series ‘Masters of the Far East’ there was a section that spoke of the power of saying ‘God’. So I’ve gone back to being comfortable with saying God. The timing was good as I was just beginning ACIM with it’s classic, masculine word usage.

English speaking people have spoken this word for a long time, under a varied range of emotions. ‘Oh God’ being a reactionary response to upset and pleasure. And, of course, the sacredness from devotion and petition. Power in the word.

Thank you God.

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