ACIM Lesson 165 notes.

Let not my mind deny the thought of God.


“The thought of God created you.”

The ‘thought of God’ is a subject more than an action. It is me!

I am here, animated, because God thinks me into being. God’s attention on me gives me every moment of life … like the Sun loves the Earth.

In my CAC Daily Meditation, James Finley told of a 3-day mystical experience where he knew each breath was God. The air around him was God, and ultimately that every material thing of this world was One.

I’m recalling a question asked by spiritual teachers, ‘do fish know that they are surrounded by water?’ If I were outside of God for one moment then I would forever recognize being within God.

My thoughts reside within the field that is me, therefore I am ‘the thought of God’ within God. Amen!


I want … to see, feel, be, live God.

In Hollie’s notes, she asks if we are the type of person who jumps to read the ending of a book so that you can feel relaxed as you fully read it. I like knowing the end of a movie beforehand.

I find this relates to Lesson 163 and death. There is such ease with the ability to accept. When the fear of death is removed from a person, the experiences of life can be appreciated.

We travel with angels within a medium where ‘all is well!’

If only there was an easy way to aid others in changing their minds about death and life. I am as God created me, love, light, eternal. And so are you.

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